Summer School 2017 Y9&10 Workshop Descriptors

ART – Map Portraits
Wanted: ‘Inspiring young artists who want to learn new techniques and explore portraiture, looking at identity and where we feel we belong.’

In this project, you will produce exciting large scale self-portraits and work against a background of maps that show a significant place which is personal to yourselves – it may be somewhere you live, have lived, where members of your extended family live or where your parents were born. Do your grandparents live in Wales for example? You can also include symbols, images, signs and text that reflect your interests as well. The map and other memorabilia background will make up a narrative and tell the story of who you are.

• You will need to bring at least three photographs of yourself; head and shoulders only; close-ups; to give you some choices as your project progresses. Please print these off (or photocopy the originals) beforehand and bring them with you on the first day.

• Also, please bring in a map that has some significance for you. When unfolded this map should approximately cover a piece of A1 paper. This map will become part of the art work and will not be returned to you in a pristine condition! An OS map from a shop or one from home (old, new or photocopied) is ideal.

• During the project, you will master drawing skills, and learn new techniques of creating drama and impact in your work. You will become adept at using pen and ink and painting techniques, as well as using mixed media.

• Working on a large scale, you will learn about creating a bold composition, and be inspired by the work of artists and illustrators.

Map Face

We will celebrate our achievements by displaying our work together on the final day.

We are looking for bright, creative and original writers to create a variety of written pieces in a relaxed, supportive environment with experts. You can try your hand at competitive short story writing, song writing (instruments welcome), composing poetry, journalistic or play writing and have the chance to get started on a novel.

You will be free to work alone and/or with others and at the end of the week perform your best work to your peers. This is a ’best of both worlds’ situation to be in – the freedom to choose what you love to do but to have access to experts in the field for inspiration and teaching.


How can we grow a burger from a petri dish? How can we feed a population using low nutrient soil? This workshop will investigate how bioengineers are developing the use of bacteria to feed the growing population. We will start by looking at genetics to see how we can transfer important genes to bacteria to improve food production. By looking at key case studies we will analyse the effect of enzymes in yoghurt making, cheese production and lactose free milk. We will then apply our new skills to investigate how bioengineering can be optimised. We will optimise enzymes used within juice making to decrease waste, increase yield and increase profits.


Be prepared to apply your laboratory and logical thinking skills to see if we can solve world hunger by using bacterial genetics.

MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS (and Computer Science Solutions)
We will look at advanced topics from different areas of mathematics including algebra, number, calculus, mechanics and statistics.
As well as deriving and proving the concepts we will then look at how they are used in Computer Science and will do some game making, programming and develop our own AI systems.

USEFUL PSYCHOLOGY – with a dash of ‘Mind Control Magic’
This is an opportunity to get an insight into Psychology and how our growing understanding of the human brain might affect your future in intriguing ways! This course gets you involved in interactive demonstrations and activities so that you can get a handle on some of the latest scientific research and put it to good use in your own mind and brain.

You will be introduced to the mental tools that allow you to cut through the neuro-nonsense in the media so that you can sift out the really useful neuro-scientific findings and techniques and put them into practice. Indeed you will start to be able to see the difference between Science and Pseudo-Science in general.

You will learn ‘mind control’ techniques both ancient and modern – including practical tips and tricks that you can use yourself! Plus, you will learn a little about how stage magic works, through an understanding of information processing in the brain and hypnosis.

You will practise practical skills in memory and in ‘positive psychology’. You will find out how to measure and reflect on your personality to make the most of your capabilities. You will explore how you could maximise your own mental health and become the best possible version of yourself.


Summer School 2017 Y7&8 Workshop Descriptors

ART – Get your just desserts!
Inspired by the work of Claes Oldenberg, we will be creating fabulous over-sized 3D slices of cake and huge burgers, using a range of sculpture materials. A Victoria sponge cake will be made in two sections, for example, and we can pour plaster onto the bottom layer before pressing the upper layer on top…it will look like thick cream oozing out the sides! Your massive slices of cake and enormous burgers will also be hand embellished using acrylic paint, hot glue guns, high gloss paint, and varnish, making them look even more sugary-sweet and sickly-scrumptious.

Join us for a fun-packed workshop and be ready to serve up your outcomes on Instagram because they’re going to be amazing!

Want to know how well you would have survived in Ancient Rome?

Want to know your chariot racers from your gladiators?

Then this is the Summer School for you! During the week we will explore what life was like for ancient Roman men and women looking at a range of topics including education, food and drink, entertainment and slavery.

Our dedicated team of exceptional teachers always inspire us.  Sometimes even they produce something amazing.  This short video was created to showcase this year’s Classics 2017 Summer School.

FILM ACADEMY: ‘The Reel Story’
Are you a film lover? Do you enjoy making short films or vlogs? Are you interested in what goes on behind the movie scenes or do you want to learn more about how the film industry has evolved? Are you curious about how films are made? If so, this is the workshop for you! Film Academy: ‘The Reel Story’ has something for everyone, no matter where your interests lie. Over the course of the 4 days, you will learn about the history of film, analyse the macro and micro elements of different film genres (including narrative, setting, lighting and camera angles), explore representation in film and apply this knowledge when creating your own film on the final day. “Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you…”

MATHS – With a hint of Computer Science
We will study the weird and wonderful bits of maths that you don’t see in school.  For example, imaginary numbers, cryptography, fractals and much more.

We will also show how the maths can be used for practical applications in Computer Science with programming and the use of MicroBits.

There will be loads of challenges, stretching problems and a lot of fun!

How do our brains work? What makes people criminals? Why are we obedient? How does forgetting occur? Should we be held responsible for our actions? These are just some of the fascinating questions we will consider in this workshop.

Ian Stewart — ‘If our brains were simple enough for us to understand them, we’d be so simple that we couldn’t.’

Although the brain is undoubtedly still a mystery to us in some ways, the advances in neuroscience and scanning techniques are enabling to unravel some of its mysteries and understand more about its complexities than ever before. No prior knowledge of psychology is required, just a curiosity and fascination in understanding human behaviour.

What is out there? What would a life inhabited planet look like? How do we observe these places? AND even if we do spot one, how do we even get there to say “Hi!”? Step forward the topic of this masterclass; Astrobiology. A unique blend of chaos and intellect.

Across the four days you will explore:

  • The mesmerising world of Physics which includes;  the manufacture and use of telescopes, investigate the construction of rockets, blowing up balloons with colourful gas in them.
  • The breath taking world of Biology which includes; the building blocks of life, evolution and natural selection and extra-terrestrial appearance.

The only requirement for this masterclass is a passion for science and all things crazy.

Summer Schools 2017

Following our successful summer schools from 2013 to 2016 we are providing an academic summer school again this year for able, interested and motivated students from our 11 partner schools across the city.  Due to parental (and student) requests we are  running the summer school for years 9 and 10 in addition to our usual event for years 7 and 8.

Our summer schools run from Monday 31 July to Thursday 3 August and are extended masterclasses with the young people studying one subject over the 4 days. This allows for in-depth study, something our students ask for repeatedly in masterclass feedback. The opportunity to be involved in an exciting, fun but challenging workshop studying a subject that you are passionate about and delivered by an outstanding professional is an opportunity not to be missed.

Information about the Summer Schools and details of how to register for the launch meeting on 4 May are now with each school’s contact. See here for list.

Bootham triumph in York Schools Science Quiz

Budding scientists from across the city have come together to take on the fourth annual York Schools Science Quiz.

Bootham with their trophy copy

In a tightly-fought contest, run as part of York Independent State School Partnership programme, Bootham School came out on top in the open competition, with hosts St Peter’s School and Joseph Rowntree School in second and third. Questions covered Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with bonus rounds including questions on science in the headlines and an observation challenge.

Schools from outside the city were also welcomed to this year’s quiz, and Bedale High School took home the prize for the best-performing school without a Sixth Form, whilst local schools Millthorpe School and Manor Academy took second and third place respectively.

David Morris, Head of Science at St Peter’s School, said: “The schools of York have supported this event wonderfully, making this year’s quiz the biggest so far, and with schools from outside of York joining in, I’m sure it will continue to grow! The pupils faced some very demanding questions, but they answered impressively, and I’m sure everybody has learned plenty of fascinating new science. Many congratulations to Bootham School and Bedale High School on their victories.”

York Schools Science Quiz 2017 copy

The schools represented were The Joseph Rowntree School, Archbishop Holgate’s School, Fulford School, The Mount School, Manor Academy, Millthorpe School, Bootham School, and St Peter’s School from within York, and from outside the city, Bedale High School, Harrogate Ladies College, Pudsey Grangefield School and Archbishop Sentamu Academy.

7-8 Lecture: Codes & Ciphers



‘Codes & Ciphers’ is the second in a new series of events which we have introduced this year. Our intention is that ‘ISSP 7-8’ is a termly event for years 7 & 8 running from 7 to 8pm where high profile speakers will enthuse and inspire children through a 1 hour lecture. We are delighted that Thomas Briggs from Bletchley Park is coming to lead a talk for us called ‘Codes and Ciphers’.

This will be a session offering a whistle stop tour of encryption methods used throughout history, beginning with simple encryption techniques, dipping into some of the mathematics behind making ciphers more secure, and ending with a hands-on demonstration of a real, working Enigma machine.


Students will try some codebreaking of their own.
Parents are welcome to come, but don’t have to, but will be seated separately.

Date: Monday 27 March

Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Place: Bootham School Hall

If your child in year 7 or 8 is interested in this event please do get in touch: