Summer School 2018 Year 9&10 Workshop Descriptors

Psychology is the science of the mind and the human mind is the most complex machine on Earth. It is the source of all thought and behaviour.
In this workshop we will look at how psychologists go about studying the mind as well as digging deeper to improve our understanding of some key behaviours. These will include sleep as new research has finally provided us with an understanding of the purpose of sleep (which used to be one of the biggest mysteries), understanding the concept of truth (and becoming lie spotters!) and carrying out a research project into an area of your choice.

The Journey
“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.”
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The idea of a journey offers rich fertile ground for artistic endeavour. Journeys punctuate our lives and are often recorded in photographic forms, these days in a digital format. There is a rhythm to a journey, a beginning, an arrival, some time spent in another place, a return.
In this workshop we are going to link together images in sequences to create stories. Those sequences will be developed from photographic sequences provided by staff and students themselves. There is no set requirement that any person needs to be present in the photographs, but it is a requirement that these images are from a primary source.
We will create storyboards to explore the idea of a journey. These drawings will be developed onto a larger scale using woodcut printing techniques. We will use the work of such artists as Angela Harding and Clare Leighton as inspiration which will help steer students towards an illustrative style. Students will be encouraged to develop two separate outcomes using two different but linked techniques, an illustrative graphic story and at least one large woodcut print, changing scale for a final piece.

More information is available, please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Ever questioned who made the pyramids? Or what makes the Earth so special? Or how did a single cell, over millions of years, eventually become the large sack of skin which stares at you in the mirror? One answer is that it could be aliens. Why not? It’s no more crazy than the Theory of Evolution. But, has that little statement just stirred something up in you? If yes, then sign up to Exoplanetology at this year’s Summer School and together we’ll use every scientific tool at hand to answer all the questions above plus work out the big question; Why are we all here and who/what is responsible for it?

Intersecting Identities: Exploring Gender, Race and Sexuality in Poetry, Drama, Lyrics and Prose.
Our focus will be on exploring the ways artists and writers – particularly those belonging to marginalised communities – have represented their identity through their work and what this can tell us about human experience.
We will create our own drama, poetry and prose exploring themes of personal interest to us and we will share some of our writing online for a wider audience. This might appeal to you if you are interested in social justice, LGBT issues or just enjoy English, Drama and RS at school and would like the space to analyse, discuss and be creative with like-minded folk.

MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS (and Computer Science Solutions)
We will look at advanced topics from different areas of mathematics including algebra, number, calculus, mechanics and statistics.
As well as deriving and proving the concepts we will then look at how they are used in Computer Science and will do some game making, programming and develop our own AI systems.