ISSP GCSE Astronomy and Latin Classes have begun

We are thrilled to welcome back our 2019 cohorts to Astronomy and Latin, albeit virtually!

2019/21 Cohort Class times are as follows:

2019/ 21 Astronomy between 7-8pm each term time Thursday.

2019/ 21 Latin – term time Tuesdays between 4.30-6pm

Necessity dictated that recruitment for this year’s cohorts be run remotely back in June and after much deliberation places were awarded. Now our 2020 groups are about to begin their ISSP GCSE journeys and we can’t wait to see all that they achieve!

2020/22 Cohort Class times are as follows:

2020/22 Astronomy term time Tuesday and Friday between 4.30-5.15pm

2020/22 Latin – term time Thursday between 4.30-6pm

Please note that all classes are being run remotely online until further notice.