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What else is there?

Since it’s inception in 2007, we have offered:

  • One day conferences for students on Leadership and Global issues.
  • An annual enterprise project held over four weeks, where cross-sector teams design and pitch a York-based sustainable business idea.
  • Conferences on ‘getting to the top’ – i.e. to top universities and into high status professions, supported by the Universities of York and Oxford and their alumni.
  • Opportunities for extended academic study – Russian, Latin to GCSE level and Thinking Skills at A level.
  • A field trip for 24 students who visited Berlin to study issues around the fall of the Wall – funded by the Imperial War Museum.
  • An extended collaboration on national identity: two schools in York and a gymnasium in Germany.
  • A significant ongoing project between York students and students in Ekaterinberg, Russia.