Young Artists Inspired by Paolozzi

The recent Creatives Pathway Masterclass, taking as its theme ‘What is the Future?’ had pupils looking at abandoned aspects of technology from today, including dismantled mobile phone sections and computer parts. From these they produced sophisticated drawings on a large A1 scale in charcoal and using ink, applied expressively with sticks, card strips and water. Alongside these, mono-prints were introduced to introduce a greater variety of media and approaches to drawing.

Within the final session, pupils looked at the work of the artist Paolozzi in more detail and discussed what they thought the future would look like. The responses varied with some pupils considering an increase in technology within our lives, humans being more like machines, or technology integrated physically and others of the opinion that it will become less of a focus. The pupils then produced their own final work to communicate their ideas, using their previous A1 drawings and mono-prints, collaged and with additional drawing to create their responses to ‘What is the Future?’ which you can now see here in Galleries.