Yr 7 Breakthrough Event

What’s the greatest breakthrough in human history?
Young students inspired by York’s nationally recognised school partnership

What’s the greatest breakthrough in human history? was the exciting question posed to Year 7 pupils from across York’s secondary schools. Was the greatest breakthrough fire or the invention of numbers? Could it have been the Enigma Code or planting the first seed? Was it the printing press or developing aqueducts? In a high energy afternoon, presenters gave their pitches to persuade Year 7 students that their breakthrough was the greatest. The pupils then worked in teams with further evidence and trainee teacher mentors to debate the question. Just as they thought they had the answer, they were challenged to think differently about what we mean by human progress. ‘I liked being able to debate with other students from different schools, it was fun,’ was a comment from one student as he left. ‘We really had a good time and this has made us think about getting involved in future things like this’ was another comment.

This Year 7 Breakthrough event is designed to enable York’s new secondary age pupils to find out how much serious learning fun the ISSP has to offer. Chair of the ISSP Heads’ Steering Group Trevor Burton said: ‘This was an excellent event where it was really good to see students and staff from different schools working together.’