Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to the new school year – our 7th working together for the benefit of all the able young people in York.

In addition to our varied range of events offered throughout the year, we now have some 80 students across 3 classes having weekly lessons in subjects not normally available to them in their own schools – 2x GCSE Latin classes (1 for Y9 & 1 for Y10) and a Y10 class studying AS History of Art.

The results of last year’s Latin class were fantastic and show very clearly what can happen when able, interested and motivated young people are inspired to work hard. Well done to every one of you.

Here is one young person’s view of his Latin class so far after just 5 lessons.

What ISSP has done for me

Due to the generosity of York ISSP, two friends and I from York High School have the opportunity to take up a GCSE Latin course as an extra-curricular subject which we have opted to attend at Bootham School.

During our sessions, which take place after school on Mondays for two hours, I am able to surround myself with people of the same age as me and the same mind-set when it comes to learning. This enables me to interact, share ideas and learn from other students from across York. As well as this, I am lucky enough to have a great teacher, Patrick Kuntschnik. He is an enthusiastic, highly intelligent and humorous teacher whose personality plays a big part in making our learning environment as truly wonderful as it is.

In every lesson I have attended so far we have progressed through the language faster than I have at any other language or lesson in general. Latin is a very difficult language to get the hang of, what with all the different principles, laws, spellings etc. However, this just adds to the sense of accomplishment every Monday when I leave Bootham School knowing more about the language and also the history of the language then I did before. Learning Latin has helped me understand my own language and has expanded my variety of grammar. Our lessons at Bootham have also taught me much about the history of languages and the many languages that descend from Latin.

I am looking forward to what the future holds for me and my fellow class mates from Latin and am proud to have been chosen to take the extra learning.

Adam Y9