‘Mr Darwin’s Tree’ by Murray Watts

This performance took place on Thursday January 28 2016 at St Peter’s School. Students from all the Partnership schools were invited to attend. This review is written by a boy in year 8 at All Saints’ School.

The 1 hour 15 minute show was an inspirational one-man performance held at St Peter’s School. It is one of many performances I have attended.

It was equipped with props (well used in the performance) accompanied by an astonishingly talented actor. It was like any other non-fiction performance in the sense of script. The auto-biography of Charles Darwin is well known to me as I have a keen eye on his work yet I still learned additional information due to it being clearly said and easy to understand as the words were simple and transparently heard.

The amount of acted events was low therefore the dramatic side was less exciting than it could be – not saying there was a lack of effort (occasional jokes were included in the script). The show was truly inspirational to me as I have recently acquired the actual Origin of Species: Charles Darwin’s (at the time) hypothesis from a local library.

I congratulate the actor and script-writer and hope that they continue with these performances.

Written by Year 8 student from All Saints’ School.