Summer School 2017 Y7&8 Workshop Descriptors

ART – Get your just desserts!
Inspired by the work of Claes Oldenberg, we will be creating fabulous over-sized 3D slices of cake and huge burgers, using a range of sculpture materials. A Victoria sponge cake will be made in two sections, for example, and we can pour plaster onto the bottom layer before pressing the upper layer on top…it will look like thick cream oozing out the sides! Your massive slices of cake and enormous burgers will also be hand embellished using acrylic paint, hot glue guns, high gloss paint, and varnish, making them look even more sugary-sweet and sickly-scrumptious.

Join us for a fun-packed workshop and be ready to serve up your outcomes on Instagram because they’re going to be amazing!

Want to know how well you would have survived in Ancient Rome?

Want to know your chariot racers from your gladiators?

Then this is the Summer School for you! During the week we will explore what life was like for ancient Roman men and women looking at a range of topics including education, food and drink, entertainment and slavery.

Our dedicated team of exceptional teachers always inspire us.  Sometimes even they produce something amazing.  This short video was created to showcase this year’s Classics 2017 Summer School.

FILM ACADEMY: ‘The Reel Story’
Are you a film lover? Do you enjoy making short films or vlogs? Are you interested in what goes on behind the movie scenes or do you want to learn more about how the film industry has evolved? Are you curious about how films are made? If so, this is the workshop for you! Film Academy: ‘The Reel Story’ has something for everyone, no matter where your interests lie. Over the course of the 4 days, you will learn about the history of film, analyse the macro and micro elements of different film genres (including narrative, setting, lighting and camera angles), explore representation in film and apply this knowledge when creating your own film on the final day. “Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you…”

MATHS – With a hint of Computer Science
We will study the weird and wonderful bits of maths that you don’t see in school.  For example, imaginary numbers, cryptography, fractals and much more.

We will also show how the maths can be used for practical applications in Computer Science with programming and the use of MicroBits.

There will be loads of challenges, stretching problems and a lot of fun!

How do our brains work? What makes people criminals? Why are we obedient? How does forgetting occur? Should we be held responsible for our actions? These are just some of the fascinating questions we will consider in this workshop.

Ian Stewart — ‘If our brains were simple enough for us to understand them, we’d be so simple that we couldn’t.’

Although the brain is undoubtedly still a mystery to us in some ways, the advances in neuroscience and scanning techniques are enabling to unravel some of its mysteries and understand more about its complexities than ever before. No prior knowledge of psychology is required, just a curiosity and fascination in understanding human behaviour.

What is out there? What would a life inhabited planet look like? How do we observe these places? AND even if we do spot one, how do we even get there to say “Hi!”? Step forward the topic of this masterclass; Astrobiology. A unique blend of chaos and intellect.

Across the four days you will explore:

  • The mesmerising world of Physics which includes;  the manufacture and use of telescopes, investigate the construction of rockets, blowing up balloons with colourful gas in them.
  • The breath taking world of Biology which includes; the building blocks of life, evolution and natural selection and extra-terrestrial appearance.

The only requirement for this masterclass is a passion for science and all things crazy.