Summer School 2019 Years 7-8

Workshop Descriptors

The only remaining workshops available are:

From Source to Sea: A Musical Soundscape Through Yorkshire

If you want to spend 4 days being super creative, then join ‘From Source to Sea’. We’re going to follow a musical river from the top of the Yorkshire Dales all the way to the coast, and create music for the different sights and sounds we might come across – basically a big musical postcard! This will include some composing (everything from instrumental music, to songwriting, to using music technology), playing and singing lots of music, and creating brand new instruments out of recycled and up-cycled materials.

Towards the end of the project we’ll set up an exhibition, and your parents will be able to come and walk through your soundscape, where you will be either playing or presenting your musical creations. You don’t have to be able to play an instrument to join in, but if you do we will certainly use your skills.


Journalism & Media

ISSP Newsweek 2019
As the former Washington Post President and publisher, Philip L. Graham, once said: “Journalism is the first rough draft of history”.

The media influences and shapes our lives on a daily basis, from the stories we hear and read, the pictures we see and the programmes we watch, but what actually goes into reporting the news? In this masterclass you will be introduced to the fundamentals of reportage and get to hear and experience this first-hand through a workshop with a published journalist. Later, you will explore how the media affects us by looking at how stories are reported from different viewpoints, the influence of social media and the impact of images on our emotions and opinions.  Next, you will learn to question the reliability of what you read and consider the impact of the writer’s agenda on what is (and isn’t!) reported. Finally, working collaboratively with the other students in the group, you will create your own online newspaper which will draw together all the aspects of the masterclass and allow you to create your own “first rough draft of history”!

If you are interested in communicating with the world through the written and spoken word, social media and the power of carefully chosen and devised moving and still images, this is the workshop for you.

Psychology and Neuroscience

This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about psychology and explore a range of topics including forensic psychology, biopsychology and cognitive psychology.

You will learn about how to conduct scientific studies and have the opportunity to conduct your own research project.