Summer School 2019 Years 9-10

Workshop Descriptors

The only remaining workshops available are:

‘Know Thyself: Exploring Intersecting Identities’

A workshop to explore representations of identity in the C21st, including depictions of race, gender and sexuality. We will read, debate, critique and create – there will be the opportunity to create a ‘zine’ on the subject of identity (since that sounds so popular) and to establish connections with like-minded individuals. Last year’s book recommendations went down a storm so there will be recommended reading lists and opportunities to share tips and reviews.

Paper Fashion. A Cut Above

Budding fashion students are invited to take part in a creative workshop. Both male and female students are encouraged to apply.

Using recycled paper as the main material, students will be encouraged to firstly design and then create and build garments that would be part of an individual ‘collection’. The design process is a key element of the workshop.

More and more designers are seeing the possibility of using recycled materials and objects and one of the most common materials available is paper. Paper is often a material that is overlooked, often discarded. We all respond to things in the visual world, whether your favourite paper is a map, a brown paper bag, or the pages of a novel the creative possibilities are endless. Have you ever tried to wear a piece of paper?