What is Beauty? Masterclass Programme 2020

Our 2020 Masterclass Programme is now afoot!

Tutors have been recruited; masterclasses designed; now all that awaits is to open the doors to our York ISSP cohort.

With the focus of our masterclasses this year being the question: What is Beauty? we embark on a journey of discovery for York’s leading lights. Explored through a range of disciplines, such as robotics, classics, philosophy, the history of art, and chemistry to name but a few, students will search for an answer to the BIG QUESTION.

Y7-8 Programme

Students will select a pathway -STEM or ARTs – through which they will explore a variety of topics, all new and exciting and ultimately challenging.

Y9-10 Programme

There are seven masterclasses available this year, from which the students choose one they will study in depth across three sessions. These are not taster sessions but are designed to be academically challenging, thought provoking and stimulating opportunities to learn more about a subject that the student loves.

Masterclass descriptors, dates and details will follow shortly.