Just a quick note to say thank you to the team including yourself that supported H_ in his Latin GCSE. I am sure you will be aware that H_ received an A*. He is rightly extremely proud of his result as are we. The ISSP and contributing schools / teaching staff really showed what can be achieved with effort, support and the right environment. The ISSP is a fantastic program that has now permanently positively contributed to his future.

T_ had a thoroughly wonderful time as you know. We very much thank you and all that made this possible.

Just a quick word to let you know how much J_ enjoyed the recent masterclass programme. The new format seems to have surpassed the already excellent offering of previous years. He returned from each session full of excitement and enthusiasm to share what he had learnt, which was a delight to witness in a sometimes quiet and monosyllabic 14-year old boy! Huge thanks again to the dedicated and inspirational work of all the ISSP team.

A sincere thank you to all of the ISSP team for organising the event. It is obvious that a great deal of care and attention to detail went into the planning a thoroughly positive and enjoyable experience. I can obviously only speak on behalf of my son – but he came home buzzing with enthusiasm about every aspect of the trip from the high ropes to Socrates to chill out and reflection time. He spoke extremely highly of all the staff, each one of whom has inspired him in some way.  He found that the combination of physically challenging activities and extended learning in the master classes made for a highly rewarding, albeit exhausting, day. I really think that J_ will remember and treasure this trip for a long time and that his experiences will serve him very well in the months and years to come.  

We feel very fortunate that H_ has had the opportunity to participate in ISSP events in York. Thank you for your hard work in organising them.

Just wanted to send a quick email on behalf of J_ to thank you and all the ISSP team for another fantastic event. He came home inspired to do further research and find out more about Human Rights issues, eager to express his own opinions and exhausted from having been stretched – all fantastic!

I would also like to thank everyone involved in the residential for their efforts to give the children what was clearly an amazing experience. It exceeded S_’s expectations in many ways, particularly in being exposed to lots of new activities and ideas, which she thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated by. On her arrival home, she showed us notes that she had made for herself, and talked at length about meditation, philosophy (which she absolutely loved, and told us she is now considering for A level – and she hasn’t even chosen her GCSEs yet!), and decision-making. The outdoor activities were also a huge hit – never one to exert herself unless music and dancing are involved, she was really proud of what she felt she’d achieved in these exercises. Finally, she LOVED making new friends from different schools. She said she had different types of conversations to those she has with her usual friends, as well as a lot of fun, and has already arranged to meet up with a couple of people next weekend. So…..all in all, a major hit, and beneficial to S_ in so many ways.

I really cannot thank you both enough for giving him this chance and for believing in him even when he was at his low point. It’s thanks to ISSP that he will have more opportunities with his education. It really is an amazing and outstanding programme and B_ has been so fortunate to take part.

I was struck by the professionalism, expertise and commitment of all who presented, and I was also very impressed with the confidence and clarity of thought displayed by the guest students. It was a great opportunity and has given J_ and I a valuable perspective on the choices to be made in the near future.