New Event ‘ISSP 7-8’

We have introduced a new series of events this year. Our intention is that ‘ISSP 7-8’ is a termly event for years 7 & 8 running from 7 to 8pm where high profile speakers will enthuse and inspire children through a 1 hour lecture. We are delighted that our first speaker is Damien Cruden, artistic director of York Theatre Royal.

‘All of York’s a Stage! How we bring stories to life: the role of the Theatre in the community’

Come and listen to Damian Cruden, explore how the theatre has become nationally renowned for its role in both telling York’s stories and involving so many citizens in its amazing projects including The Mystery Plays, Blood and Chocolate, and Fog and Falling Snow.

If you are interested in theatre, drama, the social history of York or the construction of vibrant and involved communities this is the lecture for you. Come and be inspired!

Date: Thursday 6th October

Time 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Place: York University

To register your child please get in touch with your child’s school ISSP contact  click here.

We are aware that the children in year 7 invited to the event will be new to our Partnership which is now in its 10th year. We provide high quality opportunities for able and interested young people across the city. Your child’s school is part of this Partnership and you can find information about who we are and what we do on our website: and you can follow us on twitter: @yorkissp